Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wet Paint


  It has been so long since I have posted. Life can get to busy sometimes, as we all know :-) I am going to do a post on water colour painting. Water colour paints are truly beautiful, they are hard to master but when you can master them, they look beyond words. Bellow are some pictures of water colour paintings that I love and think God has truly blessed theses artist with an amazing gift :) I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did.

To cute :)
What is your favourite type of painting?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My First Rodeo


These school holidays I was super blessed and experienced my first rodeo. We camped at Kenilworth Homestead ( Kenilworth is near Sunshine Coast QLD) and went to the Kenilworth Rodeo. Camping at the Kenilworth Homestead was awe-inspiring. There was mountains all around, beautiful green, grass and amazing views. Kenilworth is an awesome place to visit because of all the breath-taking views. God has created many magnificent places in our world, and Kenilworth is most certainly one of those places.

One of the many views at the campsite

Another one of the amazing views

I thought this sign looked really rustic and looks very American.

The shape of the barn and the colour of the barn made me think of Texas.

The rodeo was enjoyable and entertaining. I had a wonderful experience. There was steer wrestling, calf roping, bucking bulls, bucking broncos, show jumping and lots more. Seeing the barrel racers race around the barrels inspired me to start barrel racing with my American Saddlebred horse.


Quick, go catch him.

Calf roping.

We've got him.

Watch out! Angry bull on the loose.

Someone is not very happy!  


Barrel racing


The show jumping was incredible to watch. By the end of the day some of the competitors were jumping up to 1.2m high.  Horses are so majestic and beautiful. It is really amazing how God made them capable of jumping so high.


Camping at Kenilworth and going to the Kenilworth Rodeo was a very memorable experience. All the pretty views have been captured in my heart. All photos have being taken by me on this blog post.  Till next time. :)